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Who We Are

Merack Publishing is a boutique publishing house specializing in nonfiction work by subject matter experts. Our mission is to put the power back in to the hands of authors.

Traditional publishing houses provide real support and financial backing only to their top sellers. Most of their authors have little control over their books. Traditional publishers make all the decisions about pricing, cover art, etc. and keep most of the royalties. But the self-publishing route is no better. It is full of potholes and mis-steps at every turn. Researching the answers to all your many questions is time consuming. Finding and hiring skilled professionals to edit your copy, design cover art, develop eBook files, build your website, etc. is no easy task. Trust us, we know. We’ve been there!


We offer a boutique, hybrid publishing model that gives authors access to our world-class, professional team of seasoned veterans while also leaving the final decisions about title, cover art, pricing, publicity, marketing and much more in the authors’ hands. We provide guidance and support every step of the way, but the author maintains creative control, ownership of their intellectual property, the ability to make edits to their books that immediately take effect, keep control over pricing and earnings, and retain all of their royalties. Our clients’ unique voices and ideas remain intact, and their work is distributed locally and globally through all major bookstores and libraries and hundreds of retail channels.

Meet our Founder & CEO
Krista Clive-Smith

Krista is the award-winning author of Get Noticed. Be Remembered: Creating a Personal Brand Strategy for Success and is the Founder & CEO of Merack Publishing.  


As an author, Krista wanted to retain the rights and royalties that came with self-publishing, but also wanted to have the backing of a large, established publishing house behind her to represent her. In 2001, such a thing didn't exist at the time, so she decided to create it. The Merack Publishing team now operates as a boutique publisher for nonfiction authors with established expertise who want to utilize personal branding as an alternative business model.


Krista's book went on to win both an international and national book award as the 2019 Independent Press Gold Medal winner and a silver medalist at the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards. Get Noticed. Be Remembered. was also picked up for nationwide airport bookstore distribution in 2019, and is now available at 25 major airport bookstore locations across the United States as well as on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all major book retailers worldwide.

Named to the Top 40 Under 40 list of outstanding young business professionals and a San Diego Woman Magazine's 2019 Woman of Distinction, she is also the author of the
4-Part Audio Series How to Brand, Sell, Market and Grow Your Business. To learn more about Krista and the KCS Family of Companies, visit

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