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Total Potential: How to Create a Culture o Growth and Wellness So Your Whole Family Can Thrive

Cole Berschback & Jake Taylor
Formats: Paperback, Hardcover, Ebook
Published: October 2021
ISBN: 978-1-949635-76-8 (PB) 978-1-949635-77-5 (eBook) 978-1-949635-78-2 (hardcover)

As parents, we run at a neck-breaking pace toward a life we are "supposed" to have. Successful children. The perfect house. A job with perks. And yet, we're running ourselves on a hamster wheel - never gaining any traction toward a life we actually care about. The one that matters to us.


In Total Potential, siblings Cole Berschback and Jake Taylor, dive into family life with a whole new perspective. One where the family environment allows every member to be well and thrive. One where we develop ourselves as a means to create greater love, joy, and connection with our spouse and children. A life where developing our character, mind, body, and spirit create possibility and potential we never thought possible. 


Here they share practices, tools, mindsets, and habits that can shape a whole new future. A whole new experience of the potential that lies within you and the family life you've dreamed of.

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