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Drive to Thrive: Using Positive Momentum to Create Change in Your Life

Laurel Renkert

Drive to Thrive is an invitation to embark on a journey of personal transformation. It is not just a guide to living with positivity, but also an authentic and encouraging companion for those who feel ready to take control of their choices.

Through a candid and relatable narrative, author Laurel Renkert shares her struggles with self-doubt and self-sabotage until a transformative moment—symbolized by her mother handing over the metaphorical steering wheel—sparks a newfound realization that she alone is in charge of her destiny. This revelation becomes the driving force behind Laurel’s journey toward personal growth.

This book challenges readers to reject the idea of being a passenger and embrace being in the driver’s seat. With the wind in your hair and the music turned up, you will begin to realize that true empowerment comes from making small shifts that accumulate into life-changing habits.

Drive to Thrive: Using Positive Momentum to Create Change in Your Life

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About the Author:

Laurel Renkert earned the nickname “Energizer Bunny” in high school. She is now on a mission to let people know that even Energizer Bunnies run out of batteries. 

With her message of the upward spiral, Laurel aims to support women on their journey to take care of themselves and create their own happiness. She is an aspiring athlete and a wannabe interior designer. She is also an entrepreneur who specializes in financial planning. 

Laurel lives in Anchorage, Alaska, with her husband and two delightful young children (one of whom was born during the writing of this book). 

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