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THE NEXT GREAT STEP: The Parent's Guide to Launching your New Grad into a Career

Beth Hendler-Grunt
Formats: Paperback, Hardcover, Ebook
Published: September 2022
ISBN: Paperback 978-1-957048-13-0, eBook 978-1-957048-14-7, Hardcover 978-1-957048-15-4 

The competition for finding a job after college can be fierce. The straightforward college-to-employment pipeline that we followed no longer exists.


When the internship doesn’t happen, or graduation is nearing, and your young adult hasn't figured out their career or job search strategy yet, what next?


The Next Great Step from career expert Beth Hendler-Grunt bridges that gap. With 20 years of experience, she’ll guide you through a simple, step-by-step approach that demonstrates what it takes for your new grad to land their first internship, job, and beyond.


Filled with tips, job aids, and insightful stories about how to successfully guide young adults through the transition from college to career, The Next Great Step is required reading for every parent looking to help their student launch from college to the real world.

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