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The Profit Recipe: Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Flywheel to Live Life by Design

Cesar Quintero
Formats: Paperback, Hardcover, Ebook
Published: February 2022
ISBN: Paperback 978-1-949635-94-2, eBook 978-1-949635-95-9, Hardcover 978-1-949635-96-6 

Entrepreneurship changes the world. But that only happens if leaders have the freedom to focus on what they are great at and love to do. In the past eight years, Cesar Quintero has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start living this Life by Design.

This book melds these experiences with actionable information on becoming a better leader, assembling a great team, uncovering purpose, and building a business that grows without relentless micromanagement. All this leads to Life by Design—the life we want to lead, doing things we love with the people we love.You’ll learn about the five stages of the E-Volution Flywheel and the common hurdles they present, along with practical solutions to get unstuck from every phase.

From positioning a startup and market-fit strategy to diagnosing team dysfunction,The Profit Recipe helps unlock your entrepreneurial flywheel and take a business to new heights.


Whether you are a brand-new founder or a seasoned entrepreneur, you’ll recognize many of these challenges while learning something new. Cesar Quintero’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to evolve so that we can all change the world one business at a time. The Profit Recipe is designed to help many more of us do it!

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