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What We Do

An author’s joy is in the writing. But without the support of a publishing house, the average day in the life of an author becomes tedious. Instead of writing, authors get mired down with projects they don’t know how to do or have no interest in doing. Writers want to write — not become publicists, marketers, website designers, social media gurus, and the like.   


Merack Publishing has designed our list of services to be as simple as possible to work for each of our author’s unique needs. Every author starts with our Book Development Package which you can find in detail HERE. It includes all the steps needed to take an author from manuscript to printed book in-hand. From there our services are à la carte. Our authors can pick and choose what they want to hire us for and when. Once we know more about your book, your goals and your budget, we can develop a custom quote for you.

Merack Services
  • Book Development (all print, eBook, and audiobook formats)

  • Communications Plan

  • Advertising

  • Website Development

  • Website Search Engine Optimization

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Sales Sheet

  • Pop-Up Banners

  • Submission for Author/Book Awards

  • And Much More...

Have an idea for a book, but need help getting it out of your head and onto paper? 

We can also provide assistance with manuscript development (ghostwriting and editorial services for nonfiction authors are available through our sister company, CLUTCH Personal Branding).


Please contact us to learn more.

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