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Enforcer to Entrepreneur: Achieving Hockey Stick Growth in Life, Business, and Sports

Jerry Rollins

Nothing in business is a mystery. Sucess comes through careful study and dedication to the process. ​

I was a professional hockey player who grew up in a hockey family. My dad is Al Rollins, NHL player and professional coach. In my childhood and as a young man, I was surrounded by the greats: Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, and Wayne Gretzky. I was lucky enough to learn a lot from them about life, sportsmanship, and excellence. But this is not a hockey book.

I am also a high school dropout. I took everything I learned on and off the ice and became a successful CEO, running five companies and now mentoring hundreds of executives. I clawed my way to the top, not by being the best, but by observing and mimicking those who did possess extraordinary talent.

Business is a process and once you understand it, success is almost inevitable. This book will share decades of experience gathered by some of the most successful executives I know—lessons which were previously only available to the top leaders in the industry. 

Why reinvent the wheel when so many before you have found the formula for success?

Enforcer to Entrepreneur: Achieving Hockey Stick Growth in Life, Business, and Sports

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Jerry Rollins
About the Author:

CEO & Author Jerry Rollins has experienced life's ups and downs in the dual arenas of professional hockey and business. After retiring from the world of sports, this former World Hockey Association defenseman catapulted into the world of business. He has been the CEO, owner or partner of five businesses over the past forty years and those experiences have prepared him to guide and mentor business executives toward success and significance.

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