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Cash Flow is King: Creating Wealth Through Real Estate

Aaron Marshall

Getting into real estate can be difficult.

Getting into real estate without any help can seem downright impossible.

Join recently-fired AJ as he learns the ins and outs of building and growing his own real estate investing business. With the help of his mentor Harold, whose philosophy can be summed up with the mantra “Cash flow is king,” AJ learns to shift his mindset, set up the necessary business paperwork, and buy his first investment property. And you can too.

Mentorship doesn’t have to be a pricey luxury for those lucky enough to possess a large amount of startup capital. Cash Flow is King offers a beginner’s guide to entering the real estate market as a savvy buyer, investor, and entrepreneur.

Cash Flow is King: Creating Wealth Through Real Estate

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Aaron Marshall
About the Author:

For 18 years, Aaron Marshall bought and sold over 1,500 properties, including ‘fix & flip’, bank foreclosures, notes, the county courthouse steps, and long-term buy & hold investment properties.

Co-Founder & CEO of Keyrenter Franchise, a nationwide residential property management company, Aaron championed exceptional customer service, communication, and outstanding management of real estate assets. Ranked #1 property management company in their markets on Yelp and Google, Keyrenter Franchise also made Entrepreneur’s Annual Top 500 Franchise List and ranked 25 on the list of Top 100 New Companies, recognizing innovative services, marketing methods, and technologies.

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