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Here at Merack Publishing our goal is clear: we strive to provide you with the team, support and tools that are associated with a traditional publishing house while allowing you the opportunity to remain in full control of the creative and financial aspects of your book. We understand that our authors have poured their heart and soul into developing a manuscript that they believe in wholeheartedly and we want to be sure to offer you the best experience possible as you begin the journey of publishing your work. To streamline and simplify the process, we have designed a comprehensive Book Development Package that takes you from manuscript through to published book in hand. 

Book Development Package (Print and Ebook)


This package includes the following:

Convert manuscript into a print-on-demand title available in 2 print formats (hardcover and paperback) and as an ebook.


• Professional manuscript proofreading

• Custom book interior layout and custom front and back cover art design; edits to book description, endorsements/cover quotes, and author bio

• Internal Graphics — Up to 5 charts, graphs, illustrations and/or images

• ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers) for your entire suite of book formats, including print books, ebook, and audiobook; Assign title data, and create bar codes 

• Assistance in determining the price of all formats of the book, locally and globally

• Library of Congress Preassigned Control Number and submission of final copies

• U.S. Copyright Registration and submission of final copies

• Develop interior pages including title page, art page, dedication page, acknowledgments page, table of contents

  (non-fiction only), illustration pages (as needed)

• Set-up for worldwide distribution with Amazon and all bookstores, libraries, and major retailers

• Order proofs and final copies for the author
• Summary of royalty payment details from all channels

Once your book is published, Merack offers additional à la carte services that are available to our authors to purchase. You can see the full list of those offerings HERE.

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