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Foreclosures Unlocked: Your Key to Success in Real Estate Investing

Two Guys Take On Real Estate

Since buying their first foreclosed property in 2008, Matthew Tortoriello and Kevin Shippee have built a multimillion-dollar real estate company based in Springfield, Massachusetts. Along the way, they’ve also made every mistake in this book. Now they’re sharing this experience with you—the missteps as well as the victories—so you can avoid their mistakes and make money from foreclosures. But what fun would it be just to read about their lives?

In this choose your own adventure book, you can try your hand at buying a property at a foreclosure auction, dealing with unexpected challenges, negotiating with cantankerous occupants, and finally securing a vacant property. Whether you’re looking for an investment property or a primary home, these Two Guys will teach you how to navigate the foreclosure-buying process. Let the adventure begin!

Foreclosures Unlocked: Your Key to Success in Real Estate Investing

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About the Author:

In 2008, Matthew Tortoriello and Kevin Shippee bought a run-down, dilapidated property despite having zero experience. With money scraped together from coins underneath the sofa cushions, they naively began their real estate journey with one goal in mind: to be their own bosses. Since that first rehab, they’ve bought, owned, and managed hundreds of residential units and flipped more than 400 properties. Along the way, they were helped by other real estate mentors who showed them the ropes. Join Kev and Matt as they work to pay it forward and help aspiring entrepreneurs brave the world of real estate foreclosures.

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