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The Cash Flow Investor: How to Create Financial Freedom Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Kevin Bupp

Commercial real estate is ripe with opportunity for investment. Many people see the massive potential for financial gain but just don’t know where to start. 

The Cash Flow Investor is designed to be your guide for investing with purpose. Author and expert Kevin Bupp believes that armed with knowledge and vision, commercial real estate can become the vehicle which will drive anyone towards financial freedom and their ultimate lifestyle goals.


From his first paper route at twelve years old to his current venture as a commercial real estate operator and podcast host of “Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow,” Kevin has been on a decades-long journey which has taught him countless life-shaping lessons in investing. With years of success and failure behind him, his goal is to share everything he’s learned in hopes of shortening the learning curve of others. 

Whether you have previous real estate experience or are just getting started, The Cash Flow Investor will be your practical step-by-step framework for success. Full of valuable insight, fundamental information, and strategic goal setting advice, this book will serve as a crucial stepping stone into the lucrative world of commercial real estate, and your roadmap to success.

The Cash Flow Investor: How to Create Financial Freedom Investing in Commercial Real Estate

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Kevin Bupp
About the Author:

For more than nineteen years Kevin has been investing and consulting in real estate with tremendous results, having personally completed in excess of $150 million in real estate transactions. Currently, he is a candidate for CCIM, the highest commercial real estate designation around.

Kevin has had a lot of terrific mentors in his life, and he has made it a goal to “pay it forward” through my two “Top-Rated” podcasts (Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow & The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast) where he sets out to share the knowledge and experience he's gained over the years with his millions of listeners.

In addition to his real estate endeavors and monthly podcast, Kevin is the founder of several charitable organizations including, a social running club with more than 10,000 active members, and "72 Hours to Key West," an annual 280-mile bike ride benefitting impoverished families during the holidays. Between the two of these, Kevin has donated more than $300,000 and has positively impacted millions of lives throughout Southwest Florida. Kevin and his team also support other charities such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

On March 20th of 2010, Kevin married the love of his life, Joanna, and they now live happily together with their two amazing sons, Jackson and Julian.

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