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Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe

Christina Rice

Unlock the power that is already within you and create the life you truly desire. 


Manifestation Mastery reveals the truth of how energetic attraction works, breaking down advanced manifestation concepts in a simple-to-understand text that is powerful, insightful, and activating. The Monarch Being guides you to the answers you seek about what is holding you back from raising your frequency and how to effortlessly manifest your desires.


These extraordinary insights will open your mind to a new way of being and viewing your reality. You will realize that your own intuition guides you to the most aligned, expansive decisions possible and, by embracing the divine energies that you have within yourself, you can attract your soul’s desires and create a truly fulfilling life. 


Manifestation Mastery gives you the tools to access your inner power and let go of the negative programming that prevents you from achieving the true happiness that is within your reach. This joyful and illuminating book is your key to manifesting the relationships, career, health, finances, and spiritual freedom that is available to all. 

Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe

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Christina Rice
About the Author:

Christina Rice is a writer, speaker, intuitive channel, and energy healer. her mission is to support individuals in stepping into their power and living their most authentic, abundant, and aligned lives. Christina has helped thousands of people create their dream realities and master the energetics of their relationships, businesses, and health through her transformational online programs, books, and podcast – Christina the Channel.

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