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Flex Your Confidence Muscle: How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Finally Take Action

Janelle Lynnae

I’m not enough. I don’t deserve this. I’m not that smart. I’m not qualified. I’m unworthy.

Do any of these doubts sound familiar to you? Are you your own worst critic?

We all have limiting beliefs—lies often rooted in childhood—that keep us small and prevent us from living the life of our dreams. Janelle Lynnae shares her story with vulnerability and humor, to help you uncover the limiting beliefs that are unconsciously holding you back. It’s time for you to let go of negative thought patterns and retrain your brain to fully see yourself as the valuable badass you are!

If you’re looking for a cute, fluffy personal growth book, this is *not* the right one for you. This book is for women who want to take tangible steps forward. It's designed to help you slow down; to stop busying yourself with work, to-do lists, and social media so you can get honest with yourself about what’s holding you back. To give yourself permission to be the woman you were authentically created to be, not who you think you should be. To give yourself permission to dream again.

This book is meant to act as a mirror that helps you clearly see the incredible woman you already are. By investing time to reflect on your limiting beliefs and intentionally choosing a new truth, you'll be able to create fresh results in your life. Reading this will fill you up with so much confidence, belief and self-worth that you’ll be empowered to take the first courageous step toward a dream that has been lying dormant for far too long.

It’s time to be BOLD. It’s time to own who you are. It’s time to Flex Your Confidence Muscle!

Flex Your Confidence Muscle: How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Finally Take Action

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Janelle Lynnae
About the Author:

Janelle Lynnae is the founder of Next Level Confident. She is a best-selling author, social media thought leader, confidence coach, and highly sought-after public speaker. Her mission is to help every woman step into her power and see herself as the valuable badass she is. Janelle is a woman of faith and lives in sunny San Diego with her husband, Frankie, and their dog, Deni.

For more valuable confidence-building tips, connect with her on Instagram or TikTok @janelle_lynnae.

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