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Take Two: How a Simple Daily Habit Increased My Health, Wealth and Happiness

Paden Hughes

Step out of your demanding life, and listen to the demands of your soul. 

What happens when the stressed-out CEO of a nonessential business, in the middle of a pandemic, with two kids under four, actually does the unthinkable: takes two hours a day to find a source of joy — and then continues to do it almost every day of her life?

Take Two shares the transformative journey of an overworked and overwhelmed high achiever whose 21-day sprint of self-care evolved into a daily pilgrimage and gave her the framework she needed to invite peace and contentment into her life. Paden Hughes pivoted from burned out, insecure, emotionally reactive, resentful, and depressed to energized, confident, emotionally equipped, balanced, and positive by stepping into a two-hour window of time each day with no expectations and no pressure.

Take Two is not a traditional self-help book. There’s no “five-step process for unlimited success” between the covers. It’s the raw, authentic story of a lived experience — a “Soul Adventure” that shows readers what can happen when they stop doing and start being.

Take Two: How a Simple Daily Habit Increased My Health, Wealth and Happiness

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Paden Hughes
About the Author:

Paden Hughes is a founder, speaker, podcaster and author who is a leader in the areas of professional development, entrepreneurship and health and wellness. She is a born and raised California wife, mom and is obsessed with defining success on her terms and coaching others how to buy back their time and experience true freedom.

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