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Relentless AF: An Entrepreneur's True Success Story

Chris Jones

As an entrepreneur and football player, Chris Jones has tackled hard-hitting challenges, suffered devastating blows, and experienced some amazing wins along the way. But when the company he had built from the ground up lost 70 percent of its revenue overnight, Chris found himself facing epic disaster. Still, he fought his way back one tough play at a time, learning what it takes to propel a business into monumental growth.


Relentless AF is a raw and vulnerable story in which Chris shares both his screwups and his proven methods to overcome crisis. He shows you how to apply them both personally and professionally to achieve relentless growth in any area of your life. Whether you’re just kicking off a new venture or you’re a seasoned veteran who wants another winning season, this entertaining ride will help you maximize your potential and create the game-changing transformation you deserve.

Relentless AF: An Entrepreneur's True Success Story

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Chris Jones
About the Author:

When Chris Jones isn’t crushing goals and heading toward the end zone in business, you’ll find him spending time with his family. They enjoy hiking, biking, walking, or doing anything with the family dog. Chris also likes to cycle, run masters track (for which he holds a Canadian record, set in 2010), ski, golf, hike, and catch a Stampeders or Flames game whenever he can.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and Certified EOS Implementer, Chris knows his way around business-building and crisis recovery. Known for his ability to find the gifts and strategic pivots in difficult climates, Chris now focuses all his energy on working with entrepreneurial leadership teams to create game-changing transformation.

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