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Buried in Business: Find Freedom by Unlocking the Power of Your Admin Team

Jamie Vanek

Are You Ready to Get Unburied? 

If you check work emails on your days off, answer calls after hours, waste time fighting fires or overcompensate for inefficiencies, the answer is “yes”. The solution is hidden in your administrative team. As a business owner or manager, you know admin is necessary, but you might be leaving valuable talent and potential on the table. Buried in Business can help you reclaim your freedom by elevating your admin.


Jamie Vanek’s innovative Adminnovate Model gives rise to a framework that supports your business’s scalability and legacy. Through building and refining an admin team that is effective and efficient, your company is postured for growth. The Adminnovate Model shows you how to clearly define administrative functions while empowering your team to feel inspired, bring new ideas to the table and make meaningful contributions that fulfill your vision.


Somewhere along the way, administrative teams became an afterthought — dismissed to support roles. Buried in Business provides the tools you need to dismantle the stigma, rethink admin in small businesses, and restore respectability.

Buried in Business: Find Freedom by Unlocking the Power of Your Admin Team

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Jamie Vanek
About the Author:

Jamie made the unexpected career leap from teaching to construction in 2007 and discovered a passion for project management and team leadership.

As a female leader in the construction industry, Jamie sees stereotypes and stigmas around supporting roles every day. She's been featured in Construction Business Owner, Construction Executive, ThriveGlobal, and other digital publications about breaking glass ceilings and leading in a male-dominated industry. Jamie has taken a deep dive into small business experiences, stories, statistics, and strategies to formulate her own framework for managing administrative functions.

Jamie is passionate about breaking down barriers and creating opportunities. It’s time to rethink administrative support. By clarifying the admin functions and redefining traditional roles, leaders can leverage the potential of their businesses to grow stronger.

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