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An international, female-founded and run company that is passionate about bringing your expertise and written legacy into the world.

Founded by Authors, for Authors.

Who We Are

Merack Publishing is a boutique nonfiction publishing house specializing in business, memoir, non-fiction and self-help. Our team is made up of multiple published authors and we understand from personal experience what a momentous achievement it is to complete a manuscript.

What We Do

Full creative control. Financial independence. Highest Quality.

Merack Publishing exists in the space between self-publishing and traditional publishing. Self-publishing often involves hours of googling and trying to figure out what you need to do and where all the pieces fit. Traditional Publishing, on the other hand, requires you to give up your creative freedom and part or all of your royalties from book sales. 


We have forged a new pathway in publishing that maximizes your choice and control while minimizing the time and stress involved. 

Our Award-Winning Titles


Founded by Krista Clive-Smith

Hi, I'm Krista!


Merack Publishing was born from a need that I had as a consumer but couldn't find in the marketplace. When I completed the writing of the manuscript for my first book, Get Noticed. Be Remembered: Creating a Personal Brand Strategy for Success in the early 2000s, I set out to find a publisher.


I researched the publishing industry and interviewed everyone I could find. I explored self-publishing, traditional big-house publishing, and anything and everything in between (which there was very little of at the time.) Finding absolutely no options that I actually wanted as an author, I felt there was only one thing to do: build it myself!

Our publishing services have been curated and hand-picked to deliver a high-end experience and to serve you in ways I know you want to be supported as a consumer, because I am you. I am the OG customer of every service we have to offer. I wanted something different than what I found in the market, so I built it. For myself, and for you.

Welcome to Merack Publishing!


Meet The Team


Ashley Bunting

Head of Publishing

Ashley has over ten years of experience in publishing. With Merack from the start, Ashley provides our team with extensive knowledge and wide-reaching contacts in the industry. Ashley also brings her expertise from a Bachelor of Arts - English Language and Literature from The University of British Columbia to our team. Ashley is our Head of Publishing at Merack and the Vice President of KCS Family of Companies, LLC. Ashley runs Merack Publishing from British Columbia, Canada.

Makena_Gradutation_2022 (23 of 25) copy_

Makena Rietz

Author Concierge & Project Manager

Makena is what we call our "Swiss Army Human" here at Merack Publishing. With Bachelor's degrees in Cross-Cultural Psychology, Sociology, and a Minor in Women's Studies, Makena brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to our team. Makena's versatility shines as she seamlessly contributes to various facets of our publishing endeavors, ensuring excellence across the board. Her ability to navigate diverse areas makes her an essential cornerstone in our pursuit of literary excellence. Makena will be doing a little bit of everything from Oregon, USA.


Amy Valentine

Editor & Proofreader

Amy has over thirty years of experience as a copy editor and proofreader. Originally obtaining a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature from Albion College, Amy has been supporting writers and authors ever since. Her meticulous attention to detail and love of a good read makes Amy the perfect match for our team. Amy will be reading your words from Ohio, USA.


Kelly Cleeve

Writing Support

Kelly is a best-selling author, writer, speaker, and educator. Kelly has published four books of her own (find them on our Merack Titles page!), so she knows firsthand what it is like to write, edit, and then publish your written legacy. Kelly has a Master's degree in Social and Emotional Learning from the University of British Columbia, where she is now an adjunct professor. She is also the Head of Writing for our sister company, Empire Writing. Kelly brings her light to our team from British Columbia, Canada.

Our Sister Companies


CLUTCH Writing

CLUTCH Personal Branding

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Krista Clive Smith

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